What's new at the Secular Yeshivas?

Inaugurating the Botanical Gardens in Tel Aviv with Mayor Ron Huldai

BINA Secular Yeshiva Network The BINA Secular Yeshiva seeks to construct a moral worldview that sees Jewish learning and direct … Continued


Learning to be Secular Jews

Haaretz Special Edition - JFNA GA 2014 - Presenting an in depth look at the BINA Secular Yeshiva, including interview with Yeshiva head Nir Braudo. By Darryl Egnal.


Our Secular Yeshivas

Tel Aviv Yeshiva

The Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, established in 2006, now has a student body of over 200 people. The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo has generously provided buildings in its Ganei Teva (Nature Gardens) where BINA is creating a new campus in the heart of southern Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem Yeshiva

The Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva aims to develop Jerusalem as the center of a new, vibrant and rich contemporary Jewish culture; a city that serves as a source of inspiration for young Jews in Israel and around the world.

Beer Sheva Yeshiva

The Beer Sheva Yeshiva serves as a hub for pluralistic Jewish learning, social action and community building for the city and the surrounding area.

Beit BINA in India

BEIT BINA in India is a meeting place for the thousands of young Israelis and other young Jewish travelers to study, take part in workshops and open sessions on a range of topics, enjoy Shabbat together and get involved in local community social action projects. The house is open to all and is the first of many across India.

Secular Yeshiva Staff

Nir Braudo

BINA Deputy Director, Head of development of the Secular Yeshiva Network

Tamir Nir

Director of the Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv

Ariel Levinson

Co-Director of the Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva

Dr. Shimon Vaknin

Director of the Beer Sheva Secular Yeshiva

Talking about the Secular Yeshiva