BINA’s Board and Advisory Board

Shai Huldai

Chairman of the Board

Member of Kibbutz Hulda. Among the Founders of BINA, currently chairman of the BINA board. Teacher and educator in numerous frameworks including Brenner High School. Served as secretary of his Kibbutz as well as youth counselor, dairy farmer and principal of the Hulda school. Shai earned a bachelors degree in History of the Middle East from Tel Aviv University and a Masters in Jewish philosophy from the Schechter Institute, Jerusalem.

Zvia is the eldest daughter of former president Shimon Peres and his wife Sonia. She finished school for teaching French at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and went on to get her doctorate in psycho-linguistics at Harvard University in 1981. She specializes in children’s language, literacy and use of a computer for reading and writing as well as researching text from Jewish sources. She founded the journal “Written Thoughts,” established the Center for Language Cultivation at Beit Berl College in 1984 and the Entrepreneurship Institute for language and computers in 1996. Today, she is the director of a new venture “Hebrew Space” in Rishon Letzion. In addition to her professional work, she is an activist for human rights and the peace process in Israel.

Yuval Dror teaches the History of Education in Israel at Tel Aviv University and chairs the Jewish Education department at Tel Aviv University’s school of education. The author and editor of numerous articles in journals and books, Yuval has written six books in his field- history of Jewish education in the Land of Israel, the State of Israel and contemporary educational policy, progressive education, informal education and collective education. He is the editor of the Journal of Inter-University History of Jewish Education, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora at Tel Aviv University and secretary of the Israeli Association for the History of Education. Together with Nurit Chamo, Yuval recently published a book on Pluralistic Jewish education.

Born in 1960 on Kibbutz Beit Hashita, Doron studied History and Philosophy at Hebrew University and Political Science for his masters degree at Haifa University. He is currently continuing his philosophy studies at Tel Aviv University. He is a partner in the establishment of the urban Kibbutz “Tamuz” in Beit Shemesh. His 25 years of service in the IDF were comprised of commanding tanks, chief of general staff’s operations branch and head of general staff exercises. He currently works at a large scale security company. In addition to his work, Doron volunteers in various social projects.

Business Leader/Entrepreneur. Yigal Tamir has had more than 25 years of experience in infrastructure projects and international business. Founder, president and share holder of M.L.T. Water and Wastewater Technologies Ltd. (since 1989) and of Mesilot Investment Ltd. (since 1992). Yigal is Chairman of the Board of “TeleStar”. He was a senior manager at Intermaritime Group of Companies, Geneva, Switzerland and Representative to Central America the Caribbean. He was Vice President for Economics and Finances at Mekoroth, the Israeli National Water Company Ltd. between 1978-1986 and Director of the national budget for agriculture, water, and sewage in the Budget Department of the Israeli Ministry of Finance (1975-1978). Yigal holds a BA in Economics & Sociology and an M.B.A from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is a lay leader of BINA Jewish Movement for Social Change and an active member of its advisory board.

Director of the Center for Ideas & Education, Berl Katznelson Foundation at Beit Berl College

Professor of Talmud, JTS (New York) and Schechter Institute

Gil Lin is the Vice President of the Kibbutz Movement. His leadership responsibilities include: the divisions of Education, Youth and Social Engagement, outreach and external relations for the Kibbutz movement, developing a network of socially active youth and the establishment of the urban kibbutz project. Prior to this position he served for five years as Secretary General of Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, as well as senior management roles in a variety of Israeli companies. He is a member of the Board of many Israeli organizations including the Havatzelet Fund, Oranim College, The Kibbutzim College, and the Nir Cooperative. Gil works to promote change in Israeli society through fostering cooperation across divides, and promoting strategic partnerships with organizations that align with the values and goals of the Kibbutz Movement.

Jewish Studies Instructor at BINA