BINA Gap Year in Israel

Live | Learn | Volunteer in Israel with Israelis


BINA Gap Year is a life-changing 11-month experience that combines communal living with Israelis, experiential learning, hands-on volunteering, travel, and leadership training – in Tel Aviv!


On BINA gap year, you'll be truly immersed in Israeli society. On your LEAP Year or Service Year within a post high school, pre-army Israeli program, you'll be part of Israeli society by living, learning, traveling and volunteering together with Israelis your own age. You'll learn Hebrew through both classes and immersion, and make friends for a lifetime!


Engage in real, impactful, hands-on social action in South Tel Aviv: your own neighborhood. Make a difference by volunteering at after-school programs, packaging food for communities in need, and more. Connect what you learn in the classroom to your social action projects of social change, poverty, environment and migration.


Gain valuable leadership skills through individual leadership opportunities as well as learning to work in a team and be part of a community. Plan trips, activities and events for the whole group! You will also gain essential life skills: budgeting, organizing, planning and overall becoming more independent!


On BINA gap year, you won't just be talking about topics. You'll be experiencing them firsthand. Explore Jewish and Israeli culture from a secular and cultural perspective at BINA's Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv. Learn from experts in the field of Jewish education, Hebrew and modern Israel.

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BINA LEAP Year (Mechina)

Mechina refers to a year of study and social action for Israelis between high school and their army service. BINA's Mechina track is an English-speaking group within an Israeli Mechina. Spend time learning Hebrew and Jewish texts at BINA's Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, volunteering in the community, gaining independence and leadership skills, and learning through action. Spend the final month in the Bay Area (California) learning, volunteering and experiencing American Judaism.

BINA Service Year (Shnat Sherut)

Shnat Sherut refers to a year of service for Israelis between high school and their army service. BINA's Shnat Sherut consists of several groups, one of them being a joint group of Israelis and English speakers who spend their year with a unique focus on community work and volunteering in South Tel Aviv. Volunteer in schools and nonprofits serving African asylum seekers, Jewish immigrants and migrant workers. Learn Hebrew and be immersed in Israeli society through social action.

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BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change is an Israeli movement at the forefront of social activism and Jewish pluralism in Israel. Every year, BINA reaches over 50,000 Israelis and individuals from around the world through social, educational and community programs.

As a BINA Gap Year participant, you'll be a part of a diverse community of Israelis and internationals working toward social change through study and action.

נגן וידאו

Space is limited - apply now to reserve your spot!
For more details on the program and application process >>

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