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BINA's Educational Programs in the IDF

Service in the IDF represents a central and influential juncture in the lives of most Israelis which, to a great extent, shapes Israeli society.  BINA seeks to cultivate discourse that fosters inquiry into the shared identity in Israeli society as well as contributing its perspective to IDF soldiers' understanding of Jewish identity, through various formal and experiential educational activities. BINA's programs are particularly focused on the command level: The understanding of an officers awareness of and connection to Judaism as a rich expression of cultural identity in their own lives, can have a significant effect on the soldiers under their command, during their IDF service and in their lives after discharge.

BINA offers weekend seminars and single-day workshops for numerous IDF units of soldiers and officers. All BINA IDF activities take place within a context in which the official military rabbinate predominates and non-orthodox Jewish voices are seldom heard.

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While many orthodox educational programs in the IDF are heavily subsidized and funded by the rabbinate or other state-funded bodies, BINA relies on the support of our donors to keep our programs running and affordable to IDF units. Click here to support BINA's pluralistic educational programs in the IDF today.

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For more information, contact Sarit Itsik, director of BINA's Beit Midrash and IDF Educational Programs: sarit@bina.org.il

BINA's pluralistic educational programs in the IDF are made possible by the generous support of the Posen Foundation, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ, and donors like you.