IDF Team

Sarit Itzik – Shapira

Director of Beit Midrash & IDF Programs

"BINA allows me to contemplate Jewish culture from the past to the present and engage in contemporary social issues through a Jewish language."

Sarit lives in Hadera, she has a B.A. in Political Science and Security Studies from Bar Ilan University and a Master's degree in education administration and leadership from Tel Aviv University. Sarit has been engaged in education for many years, and among other things, has managed youth centers for children at risk. Sarit returned to the IDF in 2006 to the Education and Youth Corps, and commanded an education unit of non-commissioned officers, engaging in developing programs for senior commanders. Since her (second) release from the army in 2011 she has directed BINA’s IDF Department and the Adult Beit Midrash program. +972.52.6326310