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Join BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change

Click on any of the links below to join online, or click here to download a paper form to join by mail.

$180 - Yadid (Friend)

• Enables Bat Mitzvah learning for a mother-daughter pair from a disadvantaged neighborhood • Sponsors a public Beit Midrash learning event at the Secular Yeshiva

$360 - Nadiv (Giver)

• Sponsors a workshop for public school teachers on Jewish pluralism • Provides new texts for the Beit Midrash

$1,000 - Pa’il (Activist)

• Sponsors a pluralistic Shabbat for 100 IDF soldiers • Sponsors a semester long course at BINA’s Secular Yeshiva

$1,800 - Talmid Chacham (Scholar)

• Sponsors a community wide event celebrating a Jewish holiday (Tu B’shvat, Independence Day etc.) in an underprivileged neighborhood • Enables an international Jewish student to study & volunteer in Israel for a semester

$5,000 - Yoetz (Advisor)

• Provides a scholarship for an Israeli student for a year of learning and volunteerism • Funds a seminar on pluralistic Jewish identity for a unit of IDF soldiers

$10,000 - Manhig (Leader)

• Sponsors activity for a year of Kehillah Hogeget, a Jewish learning and empowerment group in an underprivileged neighborhood • Sponsors a yearlong series on Jewish identity for Israeli public school students

$18,000 - Shutaf (Partner)

• Funds a year of afterschool programming for youth at risk • Sponsors a public conference on Judaism & Israeli democracy for scholars, educators, and students

$36,000 - Sanhedrin (Council)

• Funds the publication of a new volume of “We Declare: Israeli Democracy” • Sponsors a garin (group) of pre army student-volunteers in an underprivileged neighborhood for a year

Amounts listed above are for annual contribution levels. You can also join by making a monthly contribution.

Click on any one of the links above for details.  

For more information please contact Noga Brenner Samia, BINA Deputy Director:

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