Department Team

Avraham Eisen

Director of the Education Department

Combining social action with the promotion of a pluralistic Jewish dialogue is the key to a meaningful Jewish discourse in Israel’.

Avraham Eisen was born and educated in Jerusalem. During high school he was active in youth movements and in the Student and Youth Council of Israel, taking part in delegations to Hungary and Russia, to strengthen ties between Israeli youth and their European counterparts. Following his four years as a paratrooper in the IDF, Avraham completed a B.A. in philosophy and an M.A. in Jewish history. While studying he worked as a guide and coordinator for FZY and Maccabbi Olami. Avraham was as head of the youth division in Pisgat Zeev, developing programs for high risk/high potential youth, bringing together youth from different backgrounds – Israeli and Arabs, religious and secular, from Israel and the Diaspora. Most recently he ran two community centers in Beit Shemesh, building programs to bring people from different populations together. He believes that finding common ground among communities is crucial to the building of a strong, productive community. In 2016, Avraham received his second MA from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and is now the Director of the Education Department at BINA.

Ayala Dekel

Education Department Content Coordinator

I came to BINA to engage with Jewish texts and sources in the deepest, most honest way, with no boundaries or limitations.’

Ayala has a BA in Bible Studies and Criminology, an MA Education and a diploma in group facilitation from the Adler Institute. She leads Bet Midrash groups, and leads Parenthood sessions for organizations such as the Prison Service, Beit Midrash Elul and more. She is a member of the Yahad Modiin community and is married to Jonathan with whom she has three children, Evyatar, Be’eri and Tavor.