Arab-Jewish Encounters

schools_coexist00015The Mifgashim (‘meetings’ in Hebrew) program brings together students from Arab and Jewish public schools  to find out about each other’s customs and traditions, discuss similarities and differences between us, to learn about youth leadership and to explore possibilities for joint ventures for pupils from the two schools. Typically, there are few opportunities for students in the two separate school systems to meet or get to know one another. It is crucial for the future of the State of Israel that we break down the barriers that separate and divide Arab and Jewish youth.

The program pairs schools from the Arab or Druze sector with schools from the Jewish state-school system. During the sessions, individual classes come together in small groups to take part in experiential workshops. Activities include interactive games, creative workshops, discussions, experiential text-based learning, individual learning, sharing experiences and group work.

At the core of the Mifgashim Aindena (“at our place” in Arabic) program is the creation of a joint project that allows students and teachers to get to know each other through cooperation, mutual enrichment and community action.

schools_coexist00008We believe that face to face meetings and dialogue is not enough  to form the basis of a lasting, long term relationship. Through working together on community projects, the student encounters are meaningful and dynamic, open and sincere, allowing them and their teachers to see one another as partners in this dialogue. Over time, working together sets them on a path towards continued collaboration, partnership and friendship for the future.

The program consists of staffroom meetings, student meetings (grade to grade) and a community action project that the students initiate and carry out themselves.

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