Mithabrot and Shevet Achim

מתחברות ציור

"Mithabrot" ("Women Connect") is an Israeli adaptation of the Philadelphia-based Moving Traditions’ well-regarded program “Rosh Hodesh: It’s A Girl Thing.” Led by trained female facilitators, the program includes study of Jewish traditional and contemporary sources, guest speakers (e.g. health professionals), personal reflections and discussions, creative writing and craft projects. Participants work together as a group, in mother-daughter pairs, and as individuals to address topics such as career ambitions, body image, Jewish identity and feminism. The program culminates in a communal Bat Mitzvah ceremony, which is often the only meaningful Jewish event that most of these girls will have for the occasion of their Bat Mitzvah.


Program Objectives: ● To provide young girls with positive and diverse role models of strong women from Jewish sources – ancient and modern - as well as from their own community and family.

● To develop a culture in which women and girls engage in Jewish learning together, and feel confident expressing themselves and listening to one another. To demonstrate through experience that women can and should contribute to shaping of religion, culture and community.

● To educate and engage young girls and women on topics that are critical and relevant to them: body image, sexuality, family, religion, rights and responsibilities, careers, ambitions, and more.

● To develop a pluralistic, feminist, egalitarian, Jewish culture among generations of women who support and empower one another.

Shevet Achim: Fathers and Sons

MithabrimWe’re pleased to announce that we have widened the successful girls program and have now launched groups for fathers and sons!  Through the program, called ‘Shevet Achim'  (sitting together in hebrew) the groups of fathers and sons (7th-8th grade) meet to learn, share, discuss, have fun and generally bond with one another in the lead up to their Bar mitzvah’s.  The Bar Mitzvah year is a critical time in the development of boys, as they mature into men and ‘Shevet Achim allows them space to grow and develop and talk about the issues that are most on their mind, whilst all the time taking inspiration from Jewish culture, heritage and sources.

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