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The Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, established in 2006, now has a student body of over 200 people. The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo has generously provided buildings in its Ganei Teva (Nature Garden) for BINA to house the Secular Yeshiva in the heart of south Tel Aviv.  Ganei Teva was the original site of Tel Aviv University and the city’s botanical gardens remain located here today. Our new campus is perfectly situated among the south Tel Aviv neighborhoods where BINA volunteers serve.

The Secular Yeshiva has become a spiritual-cultural center and a hub for service/learning programs for Israeli and international young Jewish adults in Tel Aviv. The Jewish cultural activities, special events, lectures, conferences and study sessions offered to the students and young adult population of Tel Aviv, are an important component of the Yeshiva’s activities (in Hebrew “Saf Beit Hamidrash”, which means “the threshold entering the house of study”). We view the Jewish calendar as an opportunity for Jewish creativity, and attempt to strike a balance between between tradition and renewal.

The number of students at the Secular Yeshiva is growing rapidly, a testament to the growing demand in Israel for significant cultural Jewish programming and for the high level of learning offered by the Secular Yeshiva.

Yeshiva Programs

Core Programs for Israelis/Hebrew Speakers:

Pre-army track (Mechina) : High school graduates study 3 days/week, and volunteer 2 days/week. (Click here for more info in Hebrew)
Mid-service (Garinei Nachal & Shnat Sherut) : IDF soldiers study 1-2 days/week, volunteer 3-4 days/week. (Click here for more info in Hebrew)
Post-Army (Bogrim) : Students (age 22-30) study 2 days/week and commit to volunteer assignments throughout the year. (Click here for more info in Hebrew)

Core Programs for Internationals/English Speakers

Gap Year: High school graduates study 3 days/week, volunteer 2 days/week, plus trips & tours

Tikkun Olam: Ages 22-30, volunteer 3 days/week, study 2 days/week, and volunteer 2 days/week, plus trips & tours.

Other Programs:

• The New English Beit Midrash TLV – a 4-month intensive Jewish learning program in Tel Aviv for English-speaking adults from around the world.

Summer Programs

Seminars & Tours for Visiting Groups (in Hebrew, English & other languages)

• Monthly Erev Yeshiva open nights of learning & culture and other holiday & special events.

Activities for each core track include:

Jewish learning: Curriculum varies from group to group, however core courses include: Jewish identity workshops, Jewish text from all periods: Tanakh (Bible), Rabbinic teachings (Mishnah, Talmud), Zionism, Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah, contemporary Jewish literature, Social Justice in Jewish sources and Israeli Society.
Social Action: Volunteer assignments include tutoring and educational support for at-risk children and youth in underprivileged neighborhoods (in schools & after-school programs), support for migrants and asylum seekers in south Tel-Aviv, and more.
Shabbat celebrations: Pluralistic, egalitarian, inclusive Shabbat services are held every other week for each group, and every 6 weeks for the entire Secular Yeshiva community together.
Community holiday events are organized on: Yom Kippur, Hannuka, Tu Bishvat, Purim, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial day/Independence day, Shavuot, Tisha B’Av.
• Lectures, guest speakers, cultural events, tours and field trips throughout Israel are an integral part of the Secular Yes

All groups participate in reflection sessions on volunteer work and receive ongoing and close volunteer supervision.

Nir Braudo

BINA Deputy Director, Head of development of the Secular Yeshiva Network

Tamir Nir

Director of the Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv

Mor Shimonie

BINA Alumni Community Manager

Yuval Linden

Director of BINA's Mechina (pre-army program); GAP Year Director

Sivan Friedman

Director of the Office of the Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv

Press & Media

Press & Media

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The BINA Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv is supported by UJA Federation of New York, Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, the Ziering Family Foundation, and additional donors.. To support the Secular Yeshiva or other BINA programs, click here.

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