Yeshiva Staff & Faculty

Ariel Magal

Head of the BINA Secular Yeshiva Tel Aviv and Director of the IDF Department

Ariel has a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Political Science from the Hebrew University and he worked for Young Judaea in Israel as an educator and director of logistic department. Ariel is an IDF reserves Major and serves in the Negev Brigade since 2001. Ariel has just returned from two years in Long Island NY where he was a Jewish Agency emissary and currently lives in Kibbutz Regavim in the north of Israel. Ariel is both Director of BINA’s IDF Department and the Director of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv and feels that at BINA he will truly able to contribute to Israeli society and fulfil his passion for Jewish Education. He is married to Shira and father of 3 - Yael, Rotem and Omri.

Yuval Linden

Director of Mechina & Gap Year Programs

At BINA I have found partners in my efforts to deepen the pluralistic Jewish identity in Israel."

Born in Jerusalem, Yuval is an educator in the field of general history, Jewish studies and politics. He holds a B.A in History and Government & Politics from Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva and an M.A. in History from Tel-Aviv University. In addition to teaching in both formal and informal frameworks, Yuval is a qualified tour guide in Israel and eastern Europe, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education. Yuval is currently the Director of BINA's Mechina (pre-army) and GAP Year Programs.

Mor Shimonie

BINA Alumni Community Manager

I was on a journey learning about myself - my life, my country, my secular Jewish identity, and then I found BINA. BINA is a home for productive, thinking people - people who are willing to demand of themselves, to strengthen themselves and society. I’ve found texts, Midrash, Agaddah, language, spirit, history and culture.

Born in Carmiel, Mor is a graduate of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, she is an avid amateur Talmud fan. Having established Beit BINA in India, Mor is back in Israel and is now BINA's Alumni Community Manager as well as the Director of the Aviv (post army) program.

Sivan Friedman

Director of the Office of the Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv

Born in Kfar Hogla, Moshav Emek Hefer, Siva graduated with a BA in arts and education management and a MA in literature from Tel Aviv University. She served in the army and has worked with various social action organizations including PERACH and MESILA. Sivan has worked in almost every department in BINA, ranging from Tikkun Olam to the BINA BaShchuna Department and is currently the director of the office of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

Ari Elon

BINA Advisory Board member; Teacher

Ari teaches Jewish thought, Midrash, Talmud, Legend and Literature. He currently teaches at the Secular Yeshiva, Leo Beck Institute, Hartman Institute, and Oranim College. In the past Ari has also taught at Seminar HaKibbutzim, Givat Haiva, Eilat College, Beit Moresha in Jerusalem, Kolot, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY), and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Philadelphia).

Ari has published numerous books and articles including From Jerusalem to the Edge of Heaven (in Hebrew: Alma Dee), a manifesto which tells his own story and his vision for an open-source Judaism not bound by Rabbinic authority, in which all Jews can take ownership. Ari is a known voice in Israel, steadfastly speaking out against religious monopoly and in favor of Jewish pluralism.


- From Jerusalem to the Edge of Heaven (Hebrew: Alma Dee), 2001 (republished 2011)
- Ba El HaKodesh: 36 Hidden Legends, 2005
- Trees, Earth, and Torah: A Tu B’Shvat Anthology, 1999
- Din Rodef Shalom (Law in the Pursuit of Peace), 2002

Amos Yinon


A native of Ramat Gan, Amos studied at Yeshivot Har Etzion and Siah and he earned his B.A. Degree in Philosophy at the Hebrew University. He has been a teacher and facilitator for 15 years at pluralistuc batei midrash, at Elul and later at BINA. Over the last five years, he has been involved with theatre - as a writer and director of an Ethiopian theatre group, he has also been Assistant Director at the Khan Theatre and is now working towards his MA in Theater studies at Tel Aviv University. Amos lives in Jerusalem.

Muki Tsur


Born in Jerusalem as the son of a diplomat, Muki was spent his teenage years in Argentina, Uruguay, and France. Muki attended Hebrew University where he studied Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah. He is one of Israel’s most celebrated authors and historians and is a leading expert on the first Aliyah movements, the early settlement period in Israel, the labor movement and Kibbutz life. He is one of the initiators of the groundbreaking project "The Seventh Day" after the six-day war. He boasts a wealth of knowledge, personal stories, and first-hand experiences of the history of Israel and as a result is a sought out speaker and educational tour guide. He is a senior educator at BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change and is one of the founders of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel-Aviv. Muki currently lives in Kibbutz Ein Gev on the Sea of Galilee.

Yali Shner


Born in Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot, Yali currently resides in Jerusalem. Yali received a BA from Herbrew University in Hebrew Literature and Philosophy. Yali writes poetry, teaches creative writing and literature, and coordinates and guides the post-army program at the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

Leon Wiener Dow

Teacher - Talmud and Jewish Thought

Bina is at the forefront of today’s Zionism, combining a commitment to ailing the social woes of all segments of Israeli society, along with a renewed and deepened sense of Jewish identity. Taking part in this enterprise is a real privilege for me.

Leon Wiener Dow has taught at Bina’s Secular Yeshiva since its founding ten years ago. He is a fellow and a member of the faculty at the Shalom Hartman Institute, and teaches at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. He received his BA from Princeton University, his MA in Jewish thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, private rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Professor David Hartman ז"ל, and a PhD in philosophy from Bar Ilan University. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and their five children.

Jewish Studies Instructor at BINA