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About Social Action

BINA's innovative community building efforts aim to revitalize underserved neighborhoods and improve the lives of its residents and their families, including social, educational, economic, physical, and cultural components. At the heart of our community building efforts is the principle of Jewish pluralism.

Mithabrot: Women Connect!

"Mithabrot" ("Women Connect") empowers young girls and their mothers from disadvantaged neighborhoods by creating a space for women to explore the fundamental challenges that they face.

‘Kehila Hogeget’ Leadership Learning Groups

BINA Baschuna’s adult education component is aimed at reaching out and introducing new adult populations to pluralistic Judaism

Support for the Elderly

The BINA Urban Intergenerational Care Net program provides care and support for seniors in neighborhoods across south Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Beer Sheva.

Young Adults (Garin)

Over 100 young adults join BINA Bashchuna every year to live, volunteer and study in underprivileged neighborhoods for a period of 6 months to one year and afterwards throughout their military service ("garin nahal" military track).

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

BINA in the Neighborhood BINA Bashchuna, which means “wisdom in the neighborhood”, is a community-wide social action program operated by … Continued

Celebrating Ethiopian-Israeli Communities

Celebrating Communities is a new program that aims to strengthen Ethiopian-Israeli young adults by connecting them to their own culture and empowering them to become leaders and to share that culture with others.

Journey To Ethiopia

BINA’s “Journey to Ethiopia” (JTE) is a leadership development and community empowerment program. At the conclusion of a year of volunteerism on the streets of Lod, the students will participate in a trip to Ethiopia – a journey of self-discovery.

Social Action Staff

Our guides, faculty and staff.

Nahal in the Neighborhood

נחלBINA in the Neighborhood (“BINA Bashchuna”) is a comprehensive community-building initiative (CCI), which aims to revitalize and empower underprivileged communities, with an emphasis on cultural and educational dimensions. These activities are facilitated by groups of young Israeli adults (Garinei Nachal) who live communally in the neighborhood being served and combine community work with Jewish learning. Our method is deep-rooted in Jewish values of community and mutual responsibility. The fostering of Jewish identity and Jewish pluralism is at the core of BINA Bashchuna. BINA Bashchuna participants work in schools, community centers, after school care programs, and other local community-based organizations.

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Social Action Staff

Uri Carmel

Director of BINA Bashchuna

Sivan Shachari

Head of the Pre-Army Programs and Nachal Track

Talking about BINA's Social Action