About Social Action


Loss of community in society is a key cause of social disintegration and the emergence of harmful behaviors. Building community is a means to increase social justice, individual well-being and reduce negative impacts of otherwise disconnected individuals. BINA's innovative community building efforts aim to revitalize underserved neighborhoods and improve the lives of its residents and their families, including social, educational, economic, physical, and cultural components. At the heart of our community building efforts is the principle of Jewish pluralism.


BINA has developed a model of community intervention, based on social action and community empowerment, with Jewish content as a basis and a means to bring about social change (“Talmud Mevi L’Maase” or “Study Which Leads to Action”). The program, called BINA BaShchuna (“Wisdom in the Neighborhood”), is a Comprehensive Community-Building Initiative (CCI), a method of implementing change through the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within discrete urban areas. This model has been successfully applied for more than 10 years in neighborhoods across Israel including south Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Jaffa, Ramle, Lod, Yokneam & Jerusalem. BINA Bashchuna neighborhoods are among the most socio-economically challenged in Israel. Over the years BINA’s presence in these neighborhoods has made a significant impact on their residents. Hundreds have benefited from BINA’s educational/welfare work and many more have been exposed to the values of Jewish pluralism, social solidarity and social responsibility that BINA represents.

BINA’s approach is based on the assumption that community change must be rooted in the needs, assets, actions, and goals of neighborhood residents. Therefore, BINA seeks to actively engage residents in all aspects of the neighborhood transformation process, from identifying and prioritizing changes to devising and implementing strategies to achieve them. Engaging residents from diverse backgrounds to work individually and collectively to foster and sustain positive neighborhood change is, in our view, putting Jewish pluralism “into action”.

BINA Bashchuna focuses on building ongoing, permanent relationships with the local authorities, welfare and education departments, schools, Youth Advancement (Kidum Noar), community centers, local NGOs and other stakeholders. Through joint action, BINA’s model creates new affiliations and connections among constituencies and populations in Israel with very diverse Jewish identities, for the purpose of applying a collective vision to effect change.