‘Kehila Hogeget’ Leadership Learning Groups

BINA Baschuna’s adult education component is aimed at reaching out and introducing new adult populations to pluralistic Judaism. The Kehillah Hogeget - Leadership Learning Groups program brings together diverse groups of local adult residents to engage with personal and communal challenges through the lens of pluralistic Jewish learning and values. The project empowers residents with different backgrounds ((e.g. FSU, Middle East, Ethiopia) to work together to increase understanding among the various local groups whilst addressing local needs to transform their "neighborhood" into a "community" by organizing their own projects and initiatives. Participants study together regularly throughout the year and learn about topics related to Jewish culture, holidays and traditions from a pluralistic perspective. Each group is given the tools and guidance needed to plan and lead family holiday celebrations for the entire community.

Kehillah Hogeget today consists of a national network of learning-leader groups in six different cities with over 140 participants. Hundreds of diverse residents of all ages attend public events organized by the groups and benefit from Jewish learning and cultural events led by the participants.