Dan Herman

I think BINA's vision carries tremendous potential not just for Israeli society, but as a common ground to bring together Jews from all over the world as part of a unified Jewish people that carries social justice as a key component of its collective identity."

About Dan Herman

A native of Milwaukee, Dan completed his BA in History and Hebrew Studies at the University of Wisconsin, and is a graduate of BINA's Tikkun Olam and Bagatzim programs. During his army service, Dan served in the Foreign Liaison's unit of the IDF Strategic Division. In the past, Dan worked in Bina's Beit Midrash division, was a counselor in Tikkun Olam, and was Director of Admissions & Recruitment for Tikkun Olam. Today, Dan is Director of the BINA International Department. Dan is also studying for his MBA in Non Profit Management at Haifa University.

http://facebook.com/dantikkunolam dan@bina.org.il