Rami Porat

About Rami Porat

Rami was born in Kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon and relocated to Givat Haim with his wife and two sons. Rami studied History and Psychology at Tel Aviv University. He served as a teacher at the “Hof Carmel” regional Kibbutz school at Kibbutz Maagan Michael. He also served as principal of the school for 3 years, and then spent 3 years as a Shaliach in the US. In 1989 the Porat family began a new chapter in Kfar Saba and since then Rami has dedicated most of his time to teaching in the field of Jewish culture, beginning at Melitz. He has been teaching at BINA since 1996. Rami’s favorite topics are Midrash and legend, Jewish holidays and lifecycle events.