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During your gap year, you will learn about a variety of central themes within Judaism and Israel. All of our classes are taught from a pluralist perspective, learning from each individual's knowledge and experience. Some of your classes might include Philosophy, Israeli Culture, Activism, Beit Midrash & Stories of the Chalutzim (Pioneers)

 These are not lectures, but an opportunity for you to learn from and share with your teacher and your peers, challenging not only their opinions and ideas but yours as well. 

Hebrew Ulpan – in addition to the full Israeli immersive experience you will have throughout the program, you will also receive Hebrew Ulpan classes. No Hebrew is required for the program as we have different levels of classes, but if you work hard before and during the program you can improve vastly throughout your time with BINA.

Social Action

At the beginning of the program, you'll have an opportunity to tour the different volunteering options. With the guidance of BINA staff and according to your abilities and strengths, you'll choose your volunteer projects for the duration of the program.

Here are a few of our amazing volunteering options:

Bialik Rogozin School – an after-school child care facility that is populated by children of migrant workers and asylum seekers. 
The Jaffa Institute – a non-profit, multi-service social agency to assist the city of Jaffa’s severely disadvantaged children and their families. 
The Bat Galim Community Garden – The Bat Galim Community Garden is one of the most important gathering spots in the neighborhood, where community members of all ages and backgrounds come together. The Year of Service participants run activities in the garden each week, and are responsible for projects about community and sustainability alongside neighborhood residents.
 Hevrati High School – The Hevrati High School is a school for at-risk youth with a unique and innovative pedagogical methodology, combining project-based learning, personal connections and informal activities. The Year of Service participants help in the classrooms and with different projects in the school, and also take part in tutoring and mentoring the students.

Trips & Tours

On BINA’s Gap Year you will go on day tours and excursions throughout Israel. Previous tours include Hebron, Jerusalem's Old City, ecological farms, the Golan Heights, and Druze communities in the Carmel. 
You will also participate in a few longer trips throughout the year. Nivutim (navigation) happens twice throughout the year, allowing yourself to really challenge yourself and your skills to navigate you and your peers in Israel’s beautiful outdoors.

You will also have three trips a year which are planned completely by you, the participants! You can be part of the tsevet (team) to plan a trip to Jerusalem, the North or the South. What the group does, learns, eats and where they sleep is really all up to you! 

Life with BINA


The group atmosphere continues into Shabbat, where around half of the Shabbats throughout the year will be spent together. You’ll eat, sing and celebrate together however you as a group decide. In the Shabbats you are not spending together, you can stay in the apartment and the community, travel around the country, or enjoy home hospitality with your Israeli peers.

Israeli Immersion

Join in on their life-changing year! You'll be supported as an English-speaker with classes in English, as well as an English-speaking counselor. Whether you come with no Hebrew, went to Jewish Day School, or grew up in a Hebrew-speaking home, your Hebrew and understanding of Israeli society will grow exponentially.


Every participant on the will join a different tzevet (committee) to take responsibility over their experience. From organizing community Shabbats and holiday events, to writing a newsletter and planning a group hike trip, there are endless possibilities for you to make your mark on BINA.

Apply now to qualify for our early-bird discount!
For more details on the program and application process >>

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