leap, palo alto

Take a leap: add to your israel gap year with learning, experience, action and peoplehood in Palo alto, california

deepen and expand your jewish learning at bina's secular yeshiva in palo alto, california; meet leaders in the israeli and jewish communities in the bay area, take part in meaningful volunteer experiences, travel the west coast, and become acquainted with american judaism. 

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June 22 - July 20, 2021, following 10 months at BINA's Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv


Programming will take place at the Oshman family JCC in Palo Alto, California. Participants will live in dorms that fit 2-4 people.

What will we do?

Trips, Seminars, JCC Camp, Volunteering, Cultural Exposure to American Jewish Life

Who is it for?

BINA Gap Year Participants on the LEAP Year (Mechina) Track, and a hand-selected group of Israeli Mechina participants

What does THE fee include?

Housing, meals, programming (in person and virtual), volunteering, trips, tours and seminars.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes! Please contact us to explore further.

Who’s on the program staff?

LEAP is facilitated by OFJCC educators who specialize in group activities and community building. All classes on LEAP are taught by BINA and OFJCC teachers, who believe in Jewish learning that is serious, open-minded and relevant. LEAP participants will also have access to virtual educational experiences led by local Bay Area educators, and American and Israeli Jewish leaders.

Sounds good? Join us! fill out the form below to learn more!