OMEK- עֹמֶק - Deepness; in-depth - the distance below the top or surface of something to which someone or something percolates or at which something happens ; extensive and detailed study or knowledge.

BINA is offering you the chance to take your students’ Israel experience to a whole new level!
Join our Birthright Extension program - OMEK- to spend a few extra days volunteering and learning in the diverse communities of Tel Aviv.




Omek is a 4-7 day extension of your campus’s Birthright trip, in which students  we will explore south Tel Aviv and it’s different populations by touring and getting to know the area, as well as meeting members of diverse populations, learning with BINA’s experienced educators about the Jewish values of tikkun olam, tzedek and shalom, and volunteer and give back to the community.

Exopse your students to a complex, innovative and deep experience in Tel Aviv! 
Reinforce your Israel engagement strategy
Build a cohort of motivated students who will stay engaged upon returning to campus
Strengthen meaningful relationships with a select group of students and empower them to take initiative back on campus

Itinerary: a personalized, tailor-made program for your cohort

Staff: Your local Hillel staff ensures the meaningful engagement process

Cost: $450 – $650 (depends on number of participants) per participant – most cost paid by the students, with little-to-no direct cost to the Hillel

Accommodations: A very “Tel Avivi” hostel in the city center

Add on Omek to your Birthright trip for summer 2020!

Fill in the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to start building your group's Omek experience:

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