"כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאוד, והעיקר לא לפחד כלל" (רבי נחמן מברסלב)

"The whole entire world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to fear at all.” (Rabbi Nahman of Breslau)

Our Approach to Jewish Peoplehood and Community

We believe in the importance of bringing people together for a shared purpose: making Judaism relevant for our changing world and making the world a better place.


Jewish Peoplehood

Every year, BINA brings hundreds of Jews from around the world to Israel to engage in Jewish learning and volunteerism together with Israelis. BINA also brings hundreds of Israelis to meet Jews from around the world and explore different ways of being Jewish. We believe the best way of engaging with questions of Jewish peoplehood is bringing Jews of diverse backgrounds together, to learn and to work together on shared questions of Judaism and social justice.


Social change is tough work, but it’s best when done together as a community. When we come together to learn and to engage in social action as a community, our spirits are better supported and are work will be more meaningful and sustainable. BINA works to create local and global communities of individuals who learn together and work together to make the world a better place.

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