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BINA Solidarity Missions:
Since October 7th, Israel is contending with a new reality. We have updated our programs and offerings for international visitors to reflect current events.


If your organization is planning a solidarity mission, talk to us about how BINA’s program can enrich the experience. Through study, conversation, music, and volunteering, our programs help participants connect with this difficult time and process the experience in the context of their larger Jewish identity.

Options include:

Interactive text-study and volunteering activities

Musical sessions to process the impact of volunteering

Mifgash (encounters) with BINA students and local activists

Eye-opening social-cultural tours of Tel Aviv

BINA's Tours and Workshops Are Perfect For:

Synagogues and community missions

Schools and youth groups

Taglit/Birthright and student groups

Study tours and professional groups

Family tours and private groups

Volunteering and learning during times of war

1 – 3 Hours

At BINA’s Tel Aviv Secular Yeshiva Campus or other locations (upon request, pending availability).

For us at BINA, it has been very moving to welcome groups traveling to Israel, especially after the events of October 7th. Groups coming to Israel to travel, volunteer, and show solidarity and support to Israel. Israel educators have taught that Israel is “complex” for years, however now we find ourselves in a particularly complex time. 

Popular options include: processing the experience and impact of volunteering through music, making text-study come alive through volunteering, exploring deeper connections to Jewish identity through tikkun olam

LIMUD: Study Sessions & WORKSHOPS

1 – 3 Hours

At BINA’s Tel Aviv Secular Yeshiva Campus or other locations (upon request, pending availability)

BINA offers interactive, inclusive, and empowering study sessions and workshops on a variety of topics. Participants learn about the Israeli Hitchadshut Yehudit (Jewish Renaissance) first-hand, by exploring Jewish texts with a welcoming approach and are invited to make their own meaning. 

Popular topics include: Synagogue and State and Jewish Pluralism in Israel; Study and Action – Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk of Judaism; Judaism, Israel and the Environment; Judaism and Democracy; Queering Judaism; Judaism, Israel and Refugees; and more.

TOUR: The Strangers Among Us: Refugees, Immigrants & Others

2 – 2.5 Hours, Neve Sha’anan & South Tel Aviv

This tour explores the fascinating neighborhood of Neve Sha’anan as a microcosm of Israel. In recent years, Israel has seen a significant rise in non-Jewish immigrants such as migrant workers, asylum-seekers and refugees, presenting new challenges to the Jewish State. With our own eyes we will see how diverse groups have left their impact on Israel and on the neighborhood. 

TOUR: #LGBTQTLV: The Global Queer Jewish Capital

2 – 2.5 Hours, Downtown Tel Aviv

How did Tel Aviv become Israel’s LGBTQ capital and hub of cosmpolitanism? This tour will explore the modern history of Tel Aviv and how it became intertwined with the queer history of Israel and Tel Aviv. Along the way we will explore the interconnection of religious pluralism, secular Jewish culture, synagogue & state, queerness and broader topics of diversity in Tel Aviv and Israel – and the successes and challenges of pluralism in Tel Aviv today. Includes a processing session in Gan Meir. 

MIFGASH (ENCOUNTER): Authentic Voices

45 min – 1 Hour

We can add a mifgash (encounter) to a tour or learning session offered above with asylum seekers, Jewish residents of south Tel Aviv, or young Israeli and international Jewish activists from one of BINA’s young adult programs.

To book an activity contact visit@bina.org.il, or complete the form below:

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