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MITF Tel Aviv+

Spend a year teaching in Israel and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn! Spend 5 months in Tel Aviv + 5 months in Beit She'an / Nazareth / Ramla / or Rahat. Make a difference in the lives of Israeli kids, gain new skills and explore Israel. Find out more!

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BINA Gap Year in Tel Aviv

Experience Israeli society in Tel Aviv, Israel's most exciting city! Live and volunteer in south Tel Aviv. Explore the Jewish bookshelf from a pluralistic and progressive perspective. Join BINA’s thriving community from Israel and around the world.

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Tours and Seminars

Bring your group to participate in a wide variety of tours, workshops and seminars on topics ranging from Jewish identity to social justice, all at BINA’s Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

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BINA offers a wide variety of seminars and tours for visitors and groups. Come for an afternoon, a day, or more!

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Support social justice & Jewish pluralism in Israel with BINA!