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BINA's Secular Yeshiva in Palo Alto is a partnership with the Oshman Family JCC. The two organizations came together to create programs that reflect their shared understanding that the interaction between Jewish learning and social action will open new ways to connect to Jewish tradition, build community and contribute to social change.


BINA at the OFJCC includes classes, experiences, and volunteer opportunities. We are open to participants of all backgrounds and religious practices. We offer innovative ways to integrate Jewish traditions and values into contemporary life.

All programming is based on BINA’s three core values: Jewish learning, social justice, and community.

Jewish Learning

BINA courses consist of Jewish text study on a variety of topics. We welcome all learners, no matter one's background or learning experience, and we enjoy the diversity of opinions that congregate in our learning space.

Social justice:

We firmly believe in the importance of both Jewish learning and meaningful social action. BINA's social action work in Palo Alto is enacted together with the OFJCC’s Center for Social Impact and in partnership with local leaders and grassroots organizations. All of our projects aim to provide participants the opportunity not only to give, but also, to learn and grow.


BINA at the OFJCC hosts inclusive and joyful events that are open to all. Our projects aim to bring meaning to our Jewish lives through an exploration of Jewish culture, holidays and communal gatherings.

The Akedah Project

. The Akedah Project presents a compilation of short videos that offer a variety of perspectives on the Akedah, the Binding of Isaac. The Akedah is the Torah story that tells of the dramatic moment when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  For generations, Jews have struggled to interpret the text and make meaning of its message. There are many ways of approaching this story, and scholars, artists, rabbis, poets, and educators each offer a different way of understanding The Akedah. The Akedah Project offers some of these interpretations, presented by experts from a variety of fields.  

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Judaism: The New Basics | Weekly Learning

The course meets weekly, and is divided into thematic mini-courses of several weeks at a time. Participants are invited to sign up for a whole mini-course, or for individual classes. The upcoming mini-course is titled "Modern Jewish Philosophy" and it introduces the major philosophical issues and thinkers of the last hundred years. 

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