We Declare! Israeli Democracy: Past, Present and Future Join us for a Havdalah ceremony where we will move from commemoration to independence, followed by a re-reading of the Megillah by representatives of different sectors of society
בינה בפייסבוק בינה באינסטגרם צרו קשר עם בינה במייל

We Declare! Israeli Democracy: Past, Present and Future


Democracy in Israel today is in a state of crisis.

It faces ever increasing challenges – political, social,

religious and educational.

There is no better time to come together

to discuss and debate the State of Israel’s

founding document, its Declaration of

Independence – Megillat HaAtzmaut.

Through the words of the Declaration, we will rise

above the crisis, creating a dialogue between

different perspectives.  


Join us for a Havdalah ceremony where we

will move from commemoration to independence,

followed by a re-reading of the Megillah by

representatives of different sectors of society

in a shared dialogue with the past as a way

to develop the narrative of the Jewish People

into the future.


Maya Tevet Dayan – Israeli-Canadian poet and writer.

Rabbi Yuval CherlowRosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Amit Orot Shaul,

Tel Aviv.

Rabbi Yifit Kleiner – Lecturer at Matan, member of Beit Hillel and rabbi of Midreshet Amit Modi’in.

Yoel Cheshin – Chairman and founder of the 2B group which includes the 2B VC investment fund, the 2B Friendly association and 2B HUB.

Yael Nakhon Harel – Chair of BINA’s board and CEO of the Posen Foundation in Israel.

    Silvio Joskowicz – Head of the Zionist Enterprises Department, WZO.

Dov Ben Shimon – CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.

Moderator: Ayala Deckel – Head of BINA’s Secular Yeshiva 

Music: Alma Zohar


 April 25, 2023 (Erev Yom HaAtzmaut) 

9:30-10am PDT | 12:30-2pm EDT 

7:30-9pm Israel

 Enav Center Tel Aviv and ONLINE

The in-person event in Tel Aviv will be in Hebrew. (Click here to register for the in-person event in Hebrew).

The event will be broadcast live with English subtitles courtesy of the

Jewish Federation of GREATER METROWEST NJ

The online live broadcast will be in Hebrew with live English captions. 
Please click on the link, and join the live broadcast on BINA’s Facebook page:


(Photo: Israeli Musician and Singer, Alma Zohar)





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