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10 Signs MITF TLV+ is the Track for You

Do you want the best of both worlds? Well just like Hannah Montana, you can experience it too, here on Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship Tel Aviv+. Are you looking for some new adventure in Israel and want to live it like a local? Well here’s your opportunity to live 5 months in a small city of your choice and 5 months in the craziness that is Tel Aviv. 

1. You Are Adaptable

Adapting to new or unfamiliar social norms is a huge part of living in a new country. Whether it’s haggling at the shuk, learning to ride a scooter or navigating the bus system; you’re going to be exposed to many new experiences. It might be weird and new, but if you’re reading this, you’re the type of person that is more than capable of handling it. 

2. You’re Not Afraid To Start The Party

This program is all about what you put into it. Don’t be afraid to be the one to organize activities with everyone. This could be those in the periphery cities gathering for a shabbat dinner, tiyul or planning nights out together. Being surrounded by like-minded people makes this the perfect opportunity to have fun and make lifelong friends.

3. Culturally Curious

You’re curious and interested in learning about different cultures and religions. Israel is a place rich in history and full of different communities. Half of the program you’ll live in a mixed Jewish and Arab city, which is one of the most rewarding parts. You’ll also be educated on communities you don’t hear too much about outside of Israel, like the Druze, Bedouin and Baháʼí.

4. You Really To Learn Hebrew And Arabic

You Really Want To Learn Hebrew And Arabic

Ulpan Hebrew classes and being immersed in the school system sets you up for learning a new language. Living in cities like Rahat or Nazareth gives you the opportunity to take Arabic classes as well. All this new knowledge can be applied in your everyday life in your periphery city, or even just in school with your fellow teachers.

5. You Enjoy Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Moving away from home can be scary. It takes a particular person to leave what’s familiar and dive into a new setting. Don’t be afraid to grasp new opportunities and take advantage of BINA programming.

6. You Are Adventurous 

If traveling has always been one of your passions then yalla, book the flight already.

7. You’re Open-Minded and Like Learning

Being in Israel means being exposed to a multitude of new experiences. This could be food, people, cities and more. Halfway through your time here you’ll be moving from a peripheral city to Tel Aviv or vice versa. Be prepared to open up to all the exciting things that will come your way on this track.

8. You’re Outdoorsy 

The periphery cities are home to some of the best hikes, hot springs and historical sights. Tel Aviv on the other hand is famous for its beaches. If you love spending time out in the sun, you’ll enjoy all that these cities have to offer.

9. You Like Being Bus

Life in Tel Aviv is nonstop. There’s always a new sight to see, place to eat, or experience to try. Options are limitless and you’ll constantly find yourself with a fun and packed schedule.

10. You Could See Yourself Being Friends With People Like Us

If you’ve gotten this far then you also now have a good idea of what we’re like as people. Though different, this list is full of things we have in common. BINA and MASA have a special way of bringing people together and giving you a strong community in a foreign country. We were nervous and scared, but most of all excited to start our journey; just like you’re probably feeling right now. We’re here to help, offer our advice, tips, and be a friendly face. 

Your favorite Tel Aviv Fellows,

Marielle and Michaela 

 //Marielle and Michaela  

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